Less Money More Problems

After countless hours of research, writing, editing, more research writing our business plan, the next step was to start collecting investments and applying for loans. Boy oh boy has this been rough. The loan thing has set us back a few months, but I thin we’re finally getting back on track. We should hear some good news in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Jon and I have spent several paychecks paying for our attorney’s friendship. They are expensive friends, but I feel like we are well protected in their company. Now to just give Uncle Sam his share of earnings from our unopened, non profitable business. Steep barrier to entry I guess.

Hopefully the next post brings lot’s of good news!

Rowdy's Brewing Company Business Plan

Rowdy’s business plan

After over a year of research, months of writing, asking questions, and cases upon cases of “samples”, we’ve finished our business plan. We found a really cool web app called Live Plan, with this software we able to gather our piles of excel docs and pages of gibberish into something that actually makes sense! Highly recommended.

Right now we are focused on calling Rancho Cucamonga, CA our home. We’re gathering the last of our investors up and then we’ll finalize our lease. Once we’ve done that we’ll be able to share a few more details about what Rowdy’s is to become, until then, thanks for reading.